Scaling Your Business To New Heights

Partnering for Success with Startups and High-Growth Companies

Scaling Your Business To New Heights

Focused on Commercializing Investments of Mid-sized Retailers & B2B Companies

Biz Accelerator

New Products

Take New Products to Market

Biz Accelerator

New Markets

Expand Into New Markets

Biz Accelerator

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Move Into New Distribution Channels

Biz Accelerator

Why Biz Accelerator?

Biz Accelerator is focused on helping emerging and high-growth companies successfully "commercialize" their investments in products or services, integrated marketing, and electronic retailing to generate increased sales with:

  • Greater Visibility
  • Lower Risk
  • Faster Time to Market
  • Higher ROI
Biz Accelerator
Biz Accelerator
Biz Accelerator

What We Are About?

  • Market Reconnaissance - We survey the marketplace and validate your business proposition in terms of:

    • Strategic alignment
    • Target market & marketing
    • Competitive positioning
    • Online vs. offline presence
    • We provide insights and recommendations to create:
    • Visibility
    • Minimize risk
    • Optimize growth opportunity
    • Maximize impact with marketing budget

  • Market Ignition Sales & Marketing - We Ignite your business and ramp up your sales through a strategic go-to-market program and sales channel evaluation, including eCommerce or brochure website evaluation. We provide new insights into your correct target customers and market segmentation to better manage your customer relationships (CRM) and accelerate your business growth potential.

  • Market Acceleration Programs & Training - We help develop your online and offline business. We provide you with:

    • Sales collateral
    • Email marketing
    • Digital programs
    • Sales channel training
    • Lead generation programs
    • Hire assistance to position your company for investment and accelerated growth

Accelerate Your Business

  • Lower Your Risk - Evaluate your product/s, markets, distribution with experts who have success records and have been in your shoes

  • Accelerate Your Time to Market - Target your correct market with the right products, develop or revise online and offline marketing programs & channels (eCommerce store, brick & mortar, etc.)

  • Increase ROI – Hands-on execution to take your business to the next level and create significant market valuation.