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Tested and validated new vertical markets, trained B2B sales team, and hired key business development leaders to advance customer acquisition and conversions. Built and deployed digital sales process and strategy, content calendar for emails and webinars, and optimized eMarketing tactics in turn increasing conversions.

Yellow Folder

Yellow Folder

Assisted in identifying, sourcing, and hiring new sales candidates for the team to penetrate new geographies and accelerate sales. Provide on-going best practices for expanding into new markets and territories.



After evaluating nGame's product offering in the marketplace, Biz Accelerator uncovered untapped acceleration points, developed and initiated strategic plans to drive new business, more rapidly from the top of the funnel through to the bottom of the funnel, while also expanding service offerings.



Expanded sales distribution channels domestically and internationally. Contracted resellers to sell the boots across the country to retail boutiques and regional department stores. Created and executed several new distribution agreements with Fortune 1000 and Top 500 Internet Retailers to distribute products internationally, which expanded the global footprint of the business into reaching into 5 additional countries. Evaluated online retail strategy. Optimized the brochure website and consumer ecommerce website usability, design, functionality and merchandising to increase online consumer sales conversions. Provided resources and expertise to produce new sales and social media video content targeting consumers and wholesale retailers.



Over a 12-month engagement, provided market and product alignment analysis, built sales and prospecting processes, developed a leveraged distribution capability, invested $1.6 million, and sold 1,000+ subscriptions to early adapter property management companies. Provided guidance on product marketing, product pricing, competitive analysis, and financial models to achieve profitability.  Grew revenue 500% with a significant increase in enterprise valuation over several rounds of investment, NoiseAware has 20,000+ subscribers today and over 30 employees that supports a customer base.